60 Seconds...

Welcome to the new part of 60 in 60. The idea here is to provide a 60 seconds video of each tool showcased in the 60 in 60 presentation. The 60 second video will provide information about the the tool and the educational relevance it provides for you and your students. Stay tuned for a list of 60 seconds videos coming soon!

Make your own 60 second video and send it to 60in60!

Want a chance to be in the 60 in 60, send in a 60 second video of your favorite web tools and maybe your video will be showcased on the next 60 in 60 and also be available for everyone to see in our new 60 second library on Youtube! Send your videos to blutz01@gmail.com or you can send it via ge.tt to send large files or use Brandon's dropbox via www.dropitto.me/blutz01, e-mail Brandon for the password.

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