Welcome to PETE&C 2013 60in60™ App Attack

Thanks for being here and welcome to 60in60: App Attack. In this presentation you will learn about 60 different apps for iPad, iPhone and Android devices. These apps are useful for classroom, professional, and/or personal uses.

Presenters Info:
Scott Snyder - ssnyder963@gmail.com
Brandon Lutz - blutz01@gmail.com

Our 60in60™ Community:

To Join go to http://www.edmodo.com/ Group Code: u7a6uu
We are attempting to create a personal learning network around 60in60 to provide collaboration and sharing! Please use this as a vehicle to share new sites, videos, successes, failures, and anything else that you would like to share! Just go to the link above, create an account and use the group code!

60in60™App Attack Cheat Sheet
Click the link below to access the cheat sheet and download it so you can take notes while the presentation is going. Also take the cheat sheet back to view the tools on your own or share with friends and colleagues.


60in60™App Attack Quick View

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