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60 Web 2.0 Tools in 60 Minutes

Animation Sites:

Create animated cartoons with an online animation engine

1. Doink (
Create web based animations easily using the online creator


Ball Bounce by blutz01, made at

2. Scratch DL (
Create animations and basic programing, excellent downloadable site

3. Xtra Normal (
Create avatar movies based on text-to-voice, learn basics of video and camera angles



A video digital personna to embed into wikis, web sites or e-mail, uses text-to-voice or your own audio to create a variety of greetings

5. Voki (
Use to create Avatars


Get a Voki now!

Honorable Extras:
Gizmoz (


Create writings that allow for collaboration, shared thoughts and ideas

6. Class Blogmeister
Created by David Warlick, blog site created specifically for the classroom and allows for students to blog safely and comment on each others blogs

Honorable Extras:


Sites to create classroom chats or back channels while teaching

7. Cover it live (
Embed a chat directly onto a wiki, also allows for student monitoring

8. Tiny Chat
Link that allows for text, video, and auditory chat

Honorable Extras:
Chatzy (
Yack Pack (

Collage Creators:

Uses multiple pictures to create collages in different shapes and sizes

9. Shape Collage DL (
Create collages with free downloadable software


Sites that allow uses to create cartoons using various artistic features

10. Make Beliefs Comix (
Create a cartoon online, free site

Honorable Extras:
Hero Machine (
Kerpoof (
Read Write Think Comic (
ToonDo (

Computational Engine:

Allows the user to input questions or data and receive answers or facts

11. Wolfram Alpha
Computes information; i.e. put in an algebraic equation and the answer will be computed or put in a date and receive information on what happened that day

Two Names
Birth Date

Document Collaboration:

Document where multiple people can collaborate at the same time

12. Google Docs
Allows the user to create spreadsheets, word processing documents, presentations and store PDF's with sharing/collaboration options

Honorable Extras:
Office Online


Draw a picture or edit a photo online

13. Sumo Paint
Draw a picture with a variety of features

Honorable Extras:
Flash Paint

Family Tree:

Create a family tree that offers options to share and collaborate

14. Geni
Create a family tree

Honorable Extras:

File Sharing:

Share files

15. (
Allows users to create links for easy file access from anywhere

Honorable Extras:
Drop Box (DL)
Pando (DL)

Flash Cards:

Create study cards that can be shared

16. Quizlet (
Create flashcards with user input data

Honorable Extras:
Study Stack (
Flash Card Exchange (

Graphic Organizers:

Create graphic organizers allowing users to brainstorm and collaborate synchronously

17. Mind42 (

18. MyWebSpiration (

Image Capture:

Take screen shots and/or video of your computer screen

19. Skitch (
Take screen shots of anything on your computer and add text and arrows to the capture, can be saved, downloaded or embedded into wikis or e-mail.
440 N Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19130 - Google Maps
Uploaded with plasq's Skitch!

20. Jing (
Create screencast video of your computer screen.

Image Editors:

Edit photos by cropping, coloring, and adding text

21. Photoshop (
Free online photo editor

Honorable Extras:
Picnick (
Sumo Paint (

Image Effects:

Add effects to photos and images

22. Dumpr (
Upload an image and use the various tools to edit and add effects

23. Flickr Toys (
Allows the user to add a variety of effects to photos, compatible with Flickr

Honorable Extras:
Photo Fun Box (
PhotoFunia (

Image Storage:

Share and store images online

24. Flickr

Honorable Extras:
Photo Bucket


Classroom review game

25. Jeopardy Lab
Allows user to create a web based jeopardy game using self created or pre-made questions

Media Conversion:

Convert different media files and download videos from video storage sites to your computers

26. Hand Brake (DL)
Converts DVD's into editable files and converts them to be watch on portable devices

27. Zamzar
Converts a variety of media files into different formats and downloads video files from websites

Honorable Extras:
Media Converter

Micro Blogging:

Allows the user to tell the world what they are doing via video, GPS, pictures and text

28. 12seconds
Allows the user to send a 12 second video clip via phone or web camera using twitter or the 12seconds TV channel.

29. Daily Mug Shot
Allows users to take a screen shot of their face or anything else via web cam or uploaded picture; users can only add one picture per day


Honorable Extras:


Listen to music online for free; users can create their own stations with artists; allows for sharing


Honorable Extras:

Note Taking and more:

Organizes notes, pictures, audio files, and many others.

31. Evernote
Allows users to get organized and sync everything via multiple devices

Online Meetings:

Allows users to meet via the internet and hold classes, meetings, etc. for free

32. DimDim
Create an online classroom to share screens, files and answer student questions

33. Adobe Connect Now
Allows for a professional classroom setting

Honorable Extras:
Flash Meeting

Online Streaming:

Technique for transferring live video to the internet

34. Ustream
Allows users to create their own TV channel that can be embedded onto a wiki and live streamed via a link, also allows for archiving for easy retrieval

Honorable Extras:
Live Stream

Personal Learning Networks:

A network of people created to share and collaborate on ideas

35. Ning (
Create a learning community about a certain topic or hobby, share ideas, thoughts and get organized as a group

Podcast Sharing:

Sites for syndicated website content sharing which allows users to upload or download to their iPod

36. Gabcast
Create a podcast locally or from a phone and host the podcast using this site (5 minutes free)

37. Gcast
Create a podcast locally or form your phone and host the podcast on this site (Pay for phone)

Honorable Extras:

Photo Slide Shows:

Create slideshows of photos and embed them in wikis and web sites

38. Bubble Share (
Create a running slide show of pictures to embed on a wiki or web site


Honorable Extras:
SmileBox (

Photo Stories:

Create unique digital stories with picture and audio that anyone can add to

39. Voice Thread (
Add pictures and then create text or audio about the picture (3 Voice Threads for free)


Take polls via web based questions or cell phone

40. Poll Everywhere (
Create a question and have users answer via the web or cell phone

Click to see Poll Results!
Click to take Web Poll

Honorable Extras:
Poll Authority (

Slide Show:

Share your slide shows via the web and embed on wikis and web sites

41. Google Presentations (
Upload a presentation and embed it on a wiki or web site, accessible from anywhere with internet


Honorable Extras:
Slide Share (
Slide Rocket (

Social Bookmarking:

Share websites that are bookmarked with a social network

42. Delicious (
Add bookmarks to the website to share with other users and view all your bookmarks on multiple computers

43. Diigo (
Share bookmarks with a group of like-minded individuals and get an e-mail when links are added

Study Skills:

Brush up on vocabulary, art, geography and more

44. Free Rice (
This site promotes knowledge, where users answer questions in different categories; for each correct answer the site provides rice to third world countries


Create a questionnaire for users, view the results in a report or spreadsheet

45. Google Form (
Create an online survey and view the results via a generated report or spreadsheet

Text To Speech:

Reads text in a web site and converts it to an audio file

46. Read The Words (
Allows the user to highlight words that are then read to them

Honorable Extras:
Click Speak
VozMe (


Create a timeline of events or important dates

47. Read Write Think Timeline Maker (
Allows the user to fill in the blanks, add dates and create a timeline

Honorable Extras:
Dipity (
Time Glider (
xtimeline (


Use to keep track of time and set up alarms

48. ApiMac Timer DL (Mac)
Download that keeps time and sounds an alarm for a Mac

48. TimeLeft DL (PC)
Download that keeps time and sounds an alarm for a PC


Allows the user to translate languages of web content

49. Google Translate
Translate full websites into a variety of different languages; also includes a widget that allows users to change the language of a website


Video Creation:

Create video using pictures, music and transitions

50. Animoto
Upload pictures, select music, and Animoto will create a 30 second video


Video Editing:

Allows users to edit video without software

51. Jaycut
Edit and share videos online

Honorable Extras:
Riff Trax

Video Sharing:

Upload videos and share them with the world

52. TeacherTube
Share educational videos with the world on this safe site, allows users to embed video onto wikis or share links

Honorable Extras:
Motion Box

Video Teleprompter:

Online teleprompter where users can read text while creating a web cast

53. Cue Prompter
Add text, set the speed and read away while looking and recording from a web cam

Visual Blogging:

Create visual pages embeddable for wikis, web sites and blogs

54. Glogster
Create visual and interactive pages that can be embedded onto a wiki or blog

Honorable Extras:

White Board:

Interactive, virtual white board where users can collaborate and share ideas synchronously

55. Scribblar
Use this site to brainstorm ideas on a white board that can be seen on multiple computers

Honorable Extras:

Wiki Creation:

Create a wiki where users can collaborate and share content on a specific topic or idea

56. Wikispaces
Wiki creator that is free for educators.

Honorable Extras:
Google Sites
PB Wiki
Scratch Pad
Wet Paint

Wiki Widgets:

Widgets to enhance or track wikis or websites

57. Cluster Maps
Embeddable widget that shows the number of visits to a website and their origins, uses a world map and dots

58. Widgets for Free
Site that offers free tools and add-ons for websites and wikis

59. Sparklee
Create a text file that sparkles and adds pizazz to a website or wiki

glitter logo -

Nintendo DS Lite Onyx
Honorable Extras:

Google Analytics

Word Cloud:

Picture of words that are sized based on their amount of use in a document

60. Wordle
Create a word cloud of the words used in your blog, paper or any site that has RSS

60 in 60
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