60in60™ Keynote Las Cruces

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Welcome to the 60in60™ Keynote speech and presentation with Brandon Lutz. This will hopefully be a different type of Keynote than what you are used too. Brandon is going to ask you to participate by answering questions, taking polls, posting questions to a parking lot Padlet and more! While we are waiting to get started please complete the tasks below!

Please complete these tasks below...

#1 Download the 60in60 Cheat Sheet

Have this downloaded and ready for when we start the 60in60 presentation! Click the link below and pick the best file format for your device!

#2 Answer the Poll Everywhere Question (first 40 respondents will show)

Click on the link below to answer and see the results below!


The Results Below...

#3 Check out the Padlet to post your questions during the Keynote

#4 Be aware the whole Keynote Prezi will be available to check out later, with Bonus content!

STOP! You will be asked to complete some other tasks during the Keynote, so make sure to keep this accessible!

Mentimeter Vote - Mid Point of Keynote

Do Not Vote Until asked to do so, please.
Click this link to Vote When Asked!

Here are the results...

Teach Who Inspired You!

Give a shout out to your most inspiring teacher below and tells us what made them so wonderful!

60in60 Keynote Prezi

60in60 Survey