What is 60 in 60?

The Concept:

Have you even been a presentation where someone tells you they are going to give you 20 great resources in the next hour and they only get to ten? 60 in 60 is a presentation style where 60 different resources are shared with an audience in 60 minutes. It is a fast paced presentation, that simply allows the audience to get a taste of the resource and see if it might be something they would be interested in learning more about or exploring on their own. Instead of investing a lot of time into one tool or resource, why not be introduced to 60? Everyone has different interests and needs, I am happy if you walk away with 5 resources you will use today and 5 you will use later on. The best part is you always have this wiki to come back to when you find a need for one of the sites that have been shared!

Beyond 60 in 60:

Ok, so sometime you need to go a little deeper into a site and 60 in 60 just doesn't cut it. So in the future we may see a need to work the time up and resources down. So keep checking back for some twist on 60 in 60 like, 5 in 60, 10 in 120, or even 60 in 180.

60 in 60 Web Presence:

Staying with the theme of 60 in 60, we have started creating 60 in 60, 60 seconds. These are short 60 second videos that will give information about the resources and it educational relevance. Stay tuned as we are working on these web based tutorials!
60 in 60 60 Seconds